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Ina Annette Huennekens

Ina Annette Huennekens (DE)
survival dance I, endo exo n+1, 2020, 20 x 26,7 cm.

 n+1 started as an art project in 2015 in addition with the terms „endo“, „exo“ or both, depending on the viewpoint from outside or inside a virtual sculpture as artifact. During the process of watching n+1 stills of specific digital procedures I select some of the most intense ones and try to get more information about the qualities in contrasting them to several different surfaces and dimensions of the analogue and digital world. 
Watching those abstract processes, I also use “symbolic stills” and add the n+1 term for making people aware of a crucial ongoing change.
The work is based on an exclusive set of different apps on iPhone and  iPad.