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Over the last decade, the technique of the Collage has expanded its material practice of assembling images and shapes to include a variety of experimentations into the imaginative potential of the digital realm.

The application of technical knowledge and the use of digital tools as computer-generated imagery (CGI) and software development techniques has allowed the sprung of innovative researches into digital forms of representation. Engaging with the abundance of data available online, layers of information become material – no longer tied to the physical world but digitally authored and virtually conceived.

Transcending the limits of manual hand-cutting and pasting into a whole new realm of mixed media experimentation, contemporary collage today is an open field for speculative research, innovative remix and highly advanced cross-collaborations. The experimental ethos of the technique further situates digital collage right into contemporary discourses on the co-creation of work, problematizing questions of authorship and copyright.

New Digital Collage wants to celebrate the technique of contemporary collage, generating a dynamic showcase of innovative research in the realm of digital experimentation.

The online exhibition will be open for a year, growing daily after its launch in March 2020.

The project New Digital Collage has been conceptualised and curated by Fabio Paris and Linda Rocco.


From March 2021 a judging panel composed by independent professionals: Valentina Peri (FR), Fabio Paris (IT), Linda Rocco (UK) and Andrea Maffioli (UK) will select the best 7 to 10 works. The winning artists will be announced between March and April 2021.

At the end of the project, a digital catalogue will also be published and sent to all the participants.

Open Call Process

We welcome submissions for digital works.

Particular attention and priority will be given to abstract compositions which eschew figuration.

To participate to New Digital Collage you just need to send from three to five works via email to:

The Images must be high-res 300dpi size 20x30cm maximum

Please specify:

  • Name and Surname, Nationality
  • Title of the work and sizes
  • Technique
  • A Link for reference (website and/or your Instagram)

The works received will be published on our online open gallery as well as through dedicated Instagram and Facebook channels. Please note that we reserve the right not to publish works which do not satisfy our criteria of quality and content.

Further legal info

All the original works send to New Digital Collage and shared through the website are released to the public domain. All the works received are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. We have adopted the following general policy against copyright infringement: we assume no responsibility, by way of non-limiting example, for the lawfulness, truthfulness and / or fairness of this content, photos, for any opinion, information; for intellectual and / or artistic rights. Anyone who seems to have their rights damaged by any content on the site (Gallery and works of art) can inform